415v 32A to 230v 32A Adaptor (Tesla Gen 1 UMC only)

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The Mobile Connector (previously known as the Universal Mobile Connector/UMC) is the portable charger supplied with every Tesla, often known as the 'granny charger'. Up until around January 2019 Tesla's were supplied with the generation 1 Mobile Connector, moving to the generation 2 after that date. The two different versions provide distinctly different power input options:

  • Gen 1 provides a 32A input, whilst gen 2 provides 16A.
  • Unlike gen 1, generation 2 units are not affected by reverse polarity. This means that polarity reversal adaptors are not required.

Generation 1

  • Single or 3 phase charging (with red CEE plug additional adaptor).
  • 2.3kW - 11kW (3 phase only).
  • 13A UK plug.
  • 32A CEE blue commando plug (57mm diameter).
  • Can be identified by a short length of cable between the main unit and the adaptor socket.

Generation 2

  • Single phase charging.
  • 2.3kW - 3.7kW.
  • 7kW with 32A additional adaptor (not supplied).
  • 13A UK plug.
  • 16A CEE blue commando plug (43mm diameter).
  • The adaptor socket is an integral part of the main unit.


The 415v 32A to 230v 32A adaptor enables the 230v 32A connector lead supplied with the Tesla Gen1 Mobile Connector, to be connected to 415v 32A sockets commonly found in industrial locations and power installations at temporary sites. This connector is not compatible with the Tesla Gen 2 charger, any other EV, or the ModulEV system. An equivalent adaptor for the Tesla Gen 1 Mobile Connector can be found here.


  • 415v 32A plug (5 pin - 3 live, neutral and earth), make may vary from that illustrated, due to availability.
  • 230v 32A socket (3 pin - live, neutral and earth), make may vary from that illustrated, due to availability. Compatible with the Tesla Gen 1 32A connector lead.
  • 0.4m of 4mmsq industrial specification H07RN-F rubber cable, specifically manufactured for harsh environments with high mechanical, chemical, water and UV resistance. Flexibility and performance is retained over a wide temperate range (-25 to 55°C). Find out what’s so special about this cable
  • PAT tested.

If you require an adaptor which is not listed, please do get in touch, as we can make adaptors for almost any international socket, many from stock.