Reverse polarity adaptor European Schuko/French 7/7 plug to 13A socket

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The UK electrical system is polarised. The earth pin on 13A plugs is at the top, they can only be inserted one way and the live is always wired to the right hole (as you face a socket). As the live is always connected one way, appliances are wired with this in mind. For example, a switch may only turn on/off the live wire. If the appliance is used in Europe and the polarity is reversed (e.g. the live is connected to neutral, and neutral to live) such as would occur when using a Schuko socket which can be inserted either way round, the switch now only turns on/off the neutral. The appliance would appear off, but it is actually still live.

This is particularly important when connecting electric vehicles. It’s best to use a lead or adaptor with a universal plug connection, as they will work with both French and German types of socket. Always use a socket tester to check the socket before connecting it. If the polarity is shown as reversed, there are the following solutions:

German socket: Simply pull out the plug, turn it 180 degrees, and insert it again (you won't need this adaptor).

French socket: Due to the protruding earth pin, the plug cannot be turned around. This adaptor is the same as our standard one, but wired in the opposite way, to reverse the polarity. This will correct the issue, allowing you to safely use your UK appliances.

Please see our article on European sockets for further information.


  • High quality CEE 7/7 universal plug (works with Schuko and French sockets).
  • Tough rubberised single Permaplug trailing single 13A socket. Do not use outside as the socket is not weatherproof (a weather version can be made on request).
  • 0.4m of 1.5mm cable for high current applications.
  • The industrial specification H07RN-F rubber cable is specifically manufactured for harsh environments. Find out what’s so special about this cable 
  • Cable is extremely flexible, bending to 6 times its overall diameter.
  • Very good mechanical resistance to impact and abrasion, making it ideal for harsh environments on-site.
  • Resistant to accidental exposure to a wide range of chemicals, including most oils and greases.
  • Cable retains its flexibility and performance over a wide temperate range from -25 to 55°C.
  • PAT tested

Custom lengths can be made, together with any combination of plug and socket available across the globe (subject to the requested lead being deemed safe and meeting regulations for use within the UK or delivery destination).