Stage lighting 16A 230v extension lead

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Manufactured specifically for entertainment, stage lighting and theatre applications, these leads use black plugs and sockets.

Carefully constructed in our workshop from the highest quality and most robust cable and plug/sockets available. The much larger sized 2.5mm H07RN-F rubber cable is specifically manufactured for harsh environments and its safety and performance under extreme conditions simply cannot be beaten. When combined with top quality, extremely robust plugs and sockets, our leads will withstand tough stage lighting applications for considerably longer than any other type. Please note that like all rubber cables, these leads must not come into direct contact with hot lighting units.

Why not add an in-line RCD for additional safety?


  • Heavy duty IEC 60309 16A black plug and socket (commonly referred to as industrial or commando connectors).
  • 2.5mm cable for high current applications.
  • The industrial specification H07RN-F rubber cable is specifically manufactured for harsh environments. Find out what’s so special about this cable 
  • Cable is extremely flexible, bending to 6 times its overall diameter.
  • Very good mechanical resistance to impact and abrasion, making it ideal for harsh stage lighting applications.
  • Unlike normal PVC cables, it doesn’t tangle itself into a giant birds nest! Pop it on the floor, give it a wiggle, and it’ll generally straighten out. No matter how long it is stored coiled up, it instantly straightens.
  • Resistant to accidental exposure to a wide range of chemicals, including most oils and greases.
  • Whist we would never recommend that you submerse an extension lead, it’s good to know that just in case it ends up running through a puddle, the cable it’s actually submersible to a depth of 100m (NB. the plug/socket are rated as IP44 - never use an extension lead near water!)
  • Cable retains its flexibility and performance over a wide temperate range from -25 to 55°C.
  • Please contact us for custom lengths. 32A version also available.
  • PAT tested.

A range of adaptors are also available.