13A weatherproof artic blue extension lead (RCD options)

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Just because a cable is blue, there is no guarantee that it is artic cable; it could in fact just be blue coloured standard PVC. The British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC) has previously issued a warning about some arctic grade cables supplied into the UK market. The sheathing and insulation were found to disintegrate when the cable was bent at low temperatures (click here for further information).

In contrast, our leads are carefully constructed in our workshop from top quality BASEC approved artic cable, with extremely robust plugs and sockets. Perfect for running high current DIY and gardening tools.

Available with no RCD, plug RCD or an in-line RCD (weatherproof IP66 rated for use outside). 


  • Available in 2m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m (RCD only) and 25m (RCD only) lengths - select the required length from the drop down list above.
  • Chose option from a tough 13A plug (Duraplug or Permaplug), RCD plug or an in-line RCD (weatherproof IP66 rated for use outside).
  • Weatherproof IP54 rated single trailing socket (Masterplug orange/grey or PMS orange/black depending on available stock).
  • 1.5mm cable for high current applications- these leads won’t get warm when used at 13A (when uncoiled).
  • High quality BASEC approved artic blue cable.
  • Cable retains its flexibility and performance over a wide temperate range from -25 to 40°C.
  • Please contact us for custom lengths.
  • PAT tested.