Stand alone automatic dust extractor/vacuum switch 110v 16A

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We developed the automatic vacuum switch in response to customer feedback that there was a complete lack of cost effective and robust units on the market. 

Simply insert both plugs into a 110v 16A supply, and then connect a power tool and vacuum/dust extractor into each of the sockets. When the power tool turns on, the vacuum is automatically switched on. The vacuum turns off 30 seconds after the power tool, to allow time for the tubing to clear.

Please note that this is a stand alone unit, and is not compatible with the Modular Dust Extraction Control System.


  • Robust site proof unit using industrial grade components, which is built to last.
  • Extractor is powered for approximately 10 seconds after the power tool has turned off, in order to clear the vacuum tubing.
  • One of the most common issues with vacuum switches, is that with prolonged use, the relay burns out due to the surge in power each time the vacuum motor starts. To overcome this issue, the unit is fitted with a relay rated at a massive 30A.
  • Robust weatherproof IP56 rated enclosure, which is dust tight. It will also remain watertight, even when subject to powerful water jets from any direction. Please note that the connectors are IP44 rated. 
  • The industrial specification 2.5mmsq H07RN-F rubber cable is specifically manufactured for harsh environments. Find out what’s so special about this cable
  • 16A German manufactured Menneke IP44 industrial 110v 16A plug and socket.
  • The power tool and vacuum may each draw a max of 16A (subject to the supplying transformer). The two parallel supplies are completely isolated from each other for safety. This also means that the supply for the tool and vacuum can come from different transformers.
  • If a no volt release switch (NVR) is fitted to the extractor, this will need to be bypassed (instructions provided).
  • PAT tested.