32A to 16A 230v splitter

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Handy adaptor to enable a 32A supply to safely feed two 16A sockets. 

When 16A sockets are connected to a 32A supply, it is absolutely vital that each socket is protected by a 16A MCB (circuit breaker). Unless separate 16A MCBs are provided, anything plugged into the 16A sockets is not protected at 16A as it should be; it is protected only by the 32A circuit breaker from the supply. In the case of a fault, the cable and appliances which are only rated at 16A, could become dangerously hot, causing an electrical fire, without tripping the 32A MCB. 

Unfortunately the use of unprotected splitters is a common problem found on the inspection of temporary installations, mainly due to unscrupulous online suppliers providing them for sale, with no regard to the serious safety impact they present. A picture is provided to illustrate the item.


  • Safely splits one 32A 230v supply, into two 16A 230v outputs.
  • Gewiss robust IP55 weatherproof DIN enclosure (overall dimensions W105mm x H170mm x D98mm).
  • 2x 16A type B MCBs (type C can be supplied on request).
  • Heavy duty IEC 60309 32A plug and 16A sockets (commonly referred to as CEE, industrial, commando or camping connectors)
  • Input 6mmsq H07RN-F cable, 0.4m
  • Outputs 2.5mmsq H07RN-F cable, 0.4m
  • The industrial specification H07RN-F rubber cable is specifically manufactured for harsh environments. Find out what’s so special about this cable
  • Cable is extremely flexible, bending to 6 times its overall diameter.
  • Very good mechanical resistance to impact and abrasion, making it ideal for harsh environments on-site.
  • Unlike normal PVC cables, it doesn’t tangle itself into a giant birds nest! Pop it on the floor, give it a wiggle, and it’ll generally straighten out. No matter how long it is stored coiled up, it instantly straightens.
  • Resistant to accidental exposure to a wide range of chemicals, including most oils and greases.
  • Cable retains its flexibility and performance over a wide temperate range from -25 to 55°C.
  • Please contact us for custom cable lengths or a 110v version.
  • PAT tested.